Here are some ideas and tricks for making igloos- these are not complete igloos, just features that you could add to an igloo. Give credit if you use these ideas please.


I invented this house design for my Victorian Christmas Town back in 2012 and it is one of my favorite creations. To build this house, you will need the following items:

Items you'll need

This is how to assemble it:

fancy house with windows tutorial by cheezlovermw

The final product:

the finished product

NOTE: the three regal chairs are optional, they just add some fancy accents to the roof.


Club Penguin has made plenty of tree items for penguins to use in their igloos. However, sometimes CP just doesn’t have the tree you’re looking for. Here is a solution: Make your own trees using a spooky tree and plants or bushes.

Custom Trees for your Igloo



This trick is a way to take advantage of a glitch in the igloo making system. It allows you to stack, or layer, furniture items on top of each other. It’s a simple process, but it is difficult to explain. I’ll do my best.


An igloo is divided into two sections, the background and foreground. In the picture on the left, I’ve drawn a red line.

The area above the red line is the background of the igloo, i.e. the wall. The area below the red line is the foreground of the igloo, i.e. the floor.




This trick works with any combination of furniture item, but to demonstrate, I’ll use my favorite item: teddy bears. As you can see, I have added two teddy bears to my igloo.


Item Stacking




Click the item you want to stack items on top of and drag the item into the background until the item looks faded and transparent, then drop it. Look at the picture on the left if you are confused.