These are some tips for people who have mastered the art of igloo-making. I recommend you read my Basic Igloo Making Guide  before reading this.


One thing that I admire in all great igloo creators is being able to be creative. This means coming up with your own ideas, trying new things, and making the best of the furniture you have. For example, if you want to put an apple tree in your igloo, your options are limited. Club Penguin does not have an apple tree furniture item. So you need to be creative and come up with your own way of making an apple tree!apple tree by Cheezlovermw


Another way of being creative is trying new ways of making igloos and coming up with your own ideas. Everyone has seen city igloos made with the city skyline poster.Boring city

But why not try something new, like making buildings out of rice paper screens or stoves?

NOTE: This does NOT mean that it is wrong to use other people’s ideas. Just try to be more original, and don’t make the EXACT same igloo as someone  else.




Try to stick to a color scheme for your igloo and furniture so that it looks more professional and organized. For example, If you are making a hospital, try to make it blue or red.Hospital igloo by cheezlovermw

If you have extra space in your igloo that you need to fill, put items that have to do with your igloo’s theme, not just random items that you have in your inventory.


I’d recommend advertising your igloos on Abominable. Here is some igloo-advertising etiquette:

  •  Do not stand on top of people when advertising your igloo. It is rude and can get you reported.
  •  Don’t bother people. If someone decides not to go to your igloo, don’t get angry.
  •  If someone is advertising THEIR igloo in YOUR igloo, resist the temptation to get revenge and kindly tell the person to leave.

Unlock your igloo!

If you want to and are allowed to, you can make a free website to share your igloos with people at wordpressblogger, or another website-designing service. Another way of sharing your igloo is by uploading it to igloo-sharing groups, such as Woddylan’s Igloo Community.

Thank you for reading this igloo guide! Please remember, these are only suggestions and you do not need to use this guide if you disagree with it.