This is a very basic guide to the best feature of Club Penguin:

To get to your igloo, click the igloo icon at the bottom of your screen.


To edit your igloo, click the igloo with the pencil and wrench in the  bottom right hand corner of your screen.


It should bring you to this screen:



 Click “edit”

Next you should see something like this:


Every player starts out with these igloo items:

Only members can get more furniture. They can do so by clicking the yellow catalog in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Members can also purchase new igloos. This can be done by clicking the brown catalog, which is just below the furniture catalog.

To put furniture into your igloo, click and drag an item from the inventory on the top of your screen into the igloo. Let’s use a teddy.

Your igloo can hold up to 99 items.

You can rotate your furniture by pressing the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

Also, try pressing the up and down arrows while holding a furniture item and see what happens!

To put furniture away, just drag and drop it back into the inventory or in to the cardboard box.

You can get people to go to your igloo by advertising it. To do so, turn the “igloo visitors” button to “everyone.” Only members can do this.

Next, go to a popular room such as the town and tell people to come to your igloo!

If people think your igloo is cool, they’ll click the “like” button in the top right hand corner of the screen. You can like your own igloo, if you’re that vain, once per day. Be patient, it takes a while to get lots of likes.

To see other people’s igloos, click the map in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Next, click the big jumble of igloos.

Next, click someone’s username to see their igloo!

You can make your igloo anything you want! Be creative!

I hope I helped!